Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crazy Timing

I have got the craziest timing in the world. I've got this great opportunity to lead worship at the MetroWest conference. I've been really excited about it since I was asked to do it. However, Sunday night I started feeling pretty exhausted, with a pounding headache. Monday morning I woke up with what I can only describe as the full blown flu. Not the stomach thing....PRAISE THE LORD! But, just aching all over, chills, pounding headache, just totally exhausted. I've had to cancel the conference. I guess I'll have to take on the attitude of the fan of a bad sports team and just think "there's always next year".

Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm not sure how many of you are aware of a conference called METRO, but for those of you who are not familiar with it, let me explain. METRO is, for lack of a better description, a "conference" that centers primarily around a ministers' round table - where everyone shares thoughts and ideas, things that are working in their churches and things that aren't, and you gather creative elements to take back to your ministry. It is also a great time of networking with other guys who are doing what you are doing in their respective locations. Those who are involved in METRO must be serving in churches that meet certain criteria, such as averaging 2000 in Bible Fellowship, averaging a certain number in worship services, etc. This proves to be rather effective because everyone at the conference is basically coming from similar situations in ministry and it is easier to relate.

California is a different animal. Out here there are nowhere near the number of large churches as there are back east. As a result, a lot of guys in ministry feel far removed from the conferences and networking that take place on a regular basis in "the Bible Belt". Now enters METROWEST. A new friend, Bob Griffin, has started a conference for those in the Western States. The idea is the same, but the qualifications are a little different. As a result, more Worship Pastors are able to attend. I will be attending the first one this Monday - Wednesday in Ontario, CA. I've also been asked to lead worship at it, so I'm pretty pumped about that opportunity. I'll give you an update next week on the happenings of the conference and some insight as to how God worked. Pray all goes well and that we'll all come out of this encouraged, challenged, and ready to lead with a new found passion.

Coming Soon

Okay, Okay...I know that I've been telling you for weeks now that a new blog is on the way, but it is really true. We're still in the building stages, but it looks like we are about 2 weeks out. I can't wait to get it up and running. I'm hoping to be able to minister through the blog to those at Immanuel, giving news, upcoming events info, encouragement and spiritual challenges...while at the same time updating those who are regular readers of this blog, who are part of Immanuel, updates on our ministry and family, as well as insight to creative elements of the ministry. You'll still have the opportunity to comment on blogs, however, you'll need to login to the new site and create a user ID and password. BUT, don't worry about that right now. I'll give you the heads-up on what's needed when we get there. For now, just keep checking back often for "breaking news" and we'll get that new site up as soon as possible.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Day Off

Wow! It has been a great weekend. Friday was my off day, then on to Saturday, a great day of worship on Sunday, and then Presidents' Day today. I have intentionally spent a lot of time with the kids this weekend, and it has been great. We've seen two movies, gone to a gourmet pizza joint, played tons of games, I've won numerous wrestling matches with my UFC prowess, we've eaten ice cream more times than I can count, along with many many more things. My kids think I am the greatest dad ever.....ever! (The key word there is "think") I don't want to see any of them grow up, but when they do, I want them to know that their dad has invested in their lives to the best of his ability. What greater success could I possibly be in life than to pour everything I possibly can into the lives of my children? That is the best investment I could ever make. An actual legacy that will outlive me, for the glory of God.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Weather

OK, I admit it. I am a foreigner when it comes to California. However, I am loving this foreign land. A friend of mine, JR Lee, posted recently about how cold it has been in TN lately. I also talked with a friend of mine in GA who told me how stinkin' cold it is there. At about 1:30 this afternoon he said it was 33 degrees. As he was describing his chilly surroundings, I was sitting in my car outside of Target in the 83 degree weather with the windows down, a cool breeze blowing, and looking at palm trees with a background of snow-capped mountains. I am loving me some California. We're planning on hitting the beach sometime during the brutal month of February. I hope I don't get frostbite....oh, wait, I mean a sunburn while I'm there. Oh well. We all have our cross we must bear.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Growing up, my grandpa used to always tell me "Son. It's great to have a little girlfriend. They're pretty. They smell nice. And they make you look good. But you need to break-up with them before Christmas, and get back with them after Valentine's Day. This way, you save a lot of money, yet you still get all of the benefits." He was a man of such profound wisdom. However, this year, I got all of the benefits as far as gifts go (even though she still spent my money to get it for me). My wife bought me a MOTOKRZR phone. I had not really even looked at them before. In fact, I had decided I was not going to have a cell phone for a while, but she got tired of not being able to get in touch with me...so, that's how the story goes. But, it is really cool. I downloaded some songs, and the sound quality is unlike any phone I've ever owned. It is sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. I am the man now. Who cares that Jody can get me in meetings, at the store, and, well, basically anywhere? I now have the coolest phone...and, I know how to power it off if needed. But, shhh, don't tell anybody.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Universal Hollywood

I led devotions at 2 Upward Basketball games this morning. One of them was during halftime of my son's game. I was honored to have my own son see me lead a devotion before a group of his peers. I know that every opportunity I have to be an example of Christ before him needs to be taken advantage of. I want him to not only hear about God's love for him, but to see the love that I have for God firsthand.

After this morning's games, a friend of mine and I went to Universal Studios Hollywood. It was incredible! The most awesome part was the studio tour where we got to see actual working sets on the Universal back lot. We saw the actual sets of Back to the Future, War of the Worlds, and Psycho...just to name a few. I was highly impressed. It is crazy to just look out while there and be able to see down into the valley and overlook all of Hollywood. It blew my mind. I did, however, feel guilty for not having Jody and the kids there with me. So, next week (hopefully) we're going to get the whole family over there. It was the perfect day to be there. It wasn't hot at all, and we waited in no lines. The best possible theme park experience. I can't wait to experience it with my kids. It's one thing to enjoy the park for myself, but it's a whole new experience to see the looks on my kids' faces when they see that magical world just waiting for them to explore. I can't wait!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


It is pretty interesting to see people's reaction concerning technology. You see varying responses based on age, background, and profession. However, I often times see people of the same age and background react differently. For example, I played a certain video production for ministry to 4 different people of the same age and demographic. 3 of them responded positively, and 1 responded negatively. But, the negative comment was that everyone their age would not respond positively. The reality is, based on my experience, only 1 out of every 4 people would possibly not be sold on the idea. Isn't it amazing that when we are faced with negativity, those people seem to believe that everyone sees things the way they do. If everyone believed the way they did, then they would have nothing to be negative about.

As believers, we need to always be sensitive to other people's perception of who we are. I don't ever want to be thought of as a negative person. I want my take on things to be encouraging and positive. Are we not supposed to be attempting to look at things through the eyes of Christ anyway? The temptation is to see the negative in most everything...but the reaction should be the opposite. We must represent Christ to the best of our ability. Leave the negative stuff alone and believe that anything is possible with God.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lapse of Blogs

I am sorry that I've not been able to post on a regular basis over the past couple of weeks. I've never been busier and as a result, my mind has not been on blogging. The choir is kicking off a new enrollment campaign and my team has been shooting video in homes at night, in offices during the day, and my schedule has been very unpredictable. Having said that, I am really excited about this Sunday. We are kicking off our first edition of Around Immanuel and it looks sharp. My friend, and video guru, Larry Wheeler, has been here in California with me building the template and training our team how to run with this in future weeks. I think our people will be blown away at how sharp and professional this is going to be. All of you Crosspointe people know exactly what I'm talking about. Larry does great work...so, thanks to you, Mister Video-Production-Template Building Man.

As I stated a few weeks ago, this site will be taking on a different look soon. We are currently working on the new design and hope to launch it in a couple of more weeks...as schedules permit. Please continue checking back. Once we launch the new design, blogging will be on a more regular basis.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

An Amazing Night

Tonight was our IMB Appointment service that we've been working so hard to prepare. We had 94 missionaries here, including our 47 new appointees, along with numerous IMB staff and officers. Jerry Rankin spoke, and numerous area churches were represented. It was standing room only as we had over 2000 people in attendance. And let me just say, I was so proud of our choir and orchestra. The loft was packed, and the energy was immeasurable. You guys brought it from the word "go". I've never heard, or seen, you better. You seemed to truly worship from your hearts, and you allowed it to spill over into your leadership. True worship took place tonight and I'm sure you caused our Father to smile. Our people never cease to amaze me. Our Pastor pulled me aside at the reception following the service and could not hide the smile on his face....though I think he tried. He said this was just a warm-up for San Antonio. I agree. I love each of you dearly and count it an honor to serve alongside you.