Thursday, August 28, 2008

Healer, Part 3

If you have been reading this blog over the past couple of weeks, you have no doubt heard the news surrounding the song "Healer", written by Mike Guglielmucci. Below is a link that will take you to a statement that his father read on his behalf to their church in Australia. I pray that we will one day hear of the victory that has come out of this. The lyrics of the song still hold true. Let's pray that God will be the "Healer" in this situation for Mike, the church, and his family.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jeff For President

My staff recently told me that I should run for President of the United States. I laughed at first. But, with my interest in politics, and desire to make this country and world a better place, I have decided to do it. So, I've waged a campaign. I think with your help, we can do it. Check out the following video for more information on how you can help me become the next President of the United States.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Can't Wait

So, I'm getting really excited about the start of College Football. My Georgia Bulldogs have been ranked #1 in the AP Preseason Poll, as well as the USA Today poll. Not that a preseason ranking means much in the end, but it does say that 'the dawgs' are finally getting national recognition as a premier program. This Saturday is the start of something huge. Man, I hope they can go undefeated and be in the National Title Game.

Pray with me now -----Lawd, let the Bulldogs win the national title this year as they destroy everyone that they come into contact with, crushing their faces, and annihilating them in Your Holy Name, Amen.

Go Dawgs!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeff and the New Breed doesn't have the same ring as "Israel & the New Breed", but then again, what does? (For those of you who do not know who that band is, repent...then look them up on itunes.) However, we have been rehearsing with the new band for the 10:45 services...and they sound amazing. I am so excited about the new 10:45 worship service beginning August 31st.

Our set list looks like this:

Everlasting God
Your Grace is Enough
Mighty to Save

The next week we're going to be introducing Tomlin's new "Jesus Messiah". If you haven't heard this song, again...itunes. And on the 14th, we are doing Travis Cottrell's arrangement of "Revelation Song." I am living with this song right now. You know how certain songs just become your anthem for a period of time? Well, that's where I am with "Revelation Song". Again...itunes.

Make sure you are in place on the 31st. I've been meeting with the Creative Team at Immanuel (yes, it's a new team). They've helped to plan out a couple of sermon illustrations that will help you grasp the scripture, and that will have you thinking back on this message for a long time. We'll see you on the 31st!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My New Christmas Album

My new Christmas album will be out in mid-October. You can find it under the name of Travis Cottrell. I guess technically, it is his new Christmas album, but I am on it. Even though my voice is mixed with about 40 other's still my vocal prowess and intellect that landed me on this latest project. Even though our "friendship" is probably being used by Travis as a guise to lure me into recording with him in an attempt to sell more CDs, I am okay with it. In fact, I'm used to it. (I know...I know...I'll be okay.)

And, I've just found out today that one of his new friends has asked to sing on the CD...probably in an attempt to link her name to mine in a "6 Degrees" sort of way. Check out TRAVIS' BLOG for the secret identity to this amazing vocalist who will be singing a duet with Travis on the CD.

Christmas is only 18 weeks away! While that may seem far away to some of you, think about this...the Christmas season can actually start as soon as you want. My family and I put on Christmas music in September.

Yep. I know.

Healer - Part 2

I really wish there was not a part 2 to this story. However, I recently posted a blog featuring a new song called "Healer". If you look, there are links to the back-story for the song, along with a video of the song itself. In the back-story, you can watch a video of the songwriter, Mike Guglielmucci, speaking of how the story came to be. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out.

Today, it is with much sadness (and a little anger) that I tell you that it has come out today that the writer of this great song was faking his illness. Some reports out of Australia (his home country) say that he even pulled this over on his own wife and family. You can read more about it HERE .

I had been planning on using this song as a powerful tool in our upcoming Contemporary Worship Service Launch on August 31st. After hearing the news today, I have been second guessing that decision. After much thought and advice from others on my worship staff, I have decided to stick with the plan. How much more powerful are the lyrics of this great song in light of its writer needing spiritual "healing" and cleansing?

In spite of Mike Guglielmucci's dishonesty, the words of this GREAT song are still true and inspiring. In the midst of this horrible news, I believe God is offering forgiveness, restoration, and HEALING, and our church needs to celebrate in that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bell Shoals

I was given a great gift last year with the invitation to join Metro One conference for music ministers. It's more than a conference. Instead, it's a community of servants who are in the same area of ministry that God has called me to. We communicate throughout the year with emails of encouragement, prayer requests, praises, and creative ideas. As a result of being a part of this awesome group, I have gotten to know many guys I had never met. Simeon Nix, Worship Pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church, was one of these.

The first time I met Simeon, he wrapped his arm around me and said "you're gonna love this group of guys. I'm glad you're here." Since, he has continued to be a great encouragement and friend.

Late Saturday night, Simeon had a major heart attack. This was his 2nd in 6 days, and proved to be too much. Simeon was pronounced dead around 1:15am, Sunday morning. My heart is broken for his family, for Bell Shoals, and for those whose lives he has impacted. Please pray for his wife, Beth, and their two children. Please pray for Bell Shoals Baptist Church who just lost their Pastor and his son to a plane crash earlier this year, and now their Worship Pastor. Pray that God will be glorified through the passing of one of His own.

To God be the Glory!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


If you have not heard the story behind the song "Healer", take a few moments and watch this video. It is amazing how the Lord chooses to work through different lives, all for His glory. This song has now become a cry from the heart of many who are suffering from different circumstances; be it physical or spiritual.


After you see the story you can link straight to the live performance of the song from that page, or you can click the following link that will take you to it:


Monday, August 11, 2008

Creative Team

We had a Creative Team meeting today to plan for the 31st. It was great. We came up with some pretty great ideas for our services and for application with Pastor's message. We will be in John 9 beginning that day, and it is going to be amazing. It's definitely something we, as a church, need in our lives right now. The 31st is also the day that we launch our first Contemporary Service at 10:45. The set list for that day is still in the works, but here is a glimpse of where we are right now:

Everlasting God
Your Grace is Enough
Mighty to Save
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Sometime in the next few weeks we are going to be doing one of my favorite songs, God of This City. If you've never heard it before, get the new Passion CD. You are going to love it.

I can't spoil too much of the cool stuff that's going to happen that morning, but let me just say you don't want to miss it. Lighting, platform changes, the new band, video....well, you just have to be there.

August 31st...Identity!

You'll know what I mean once you see it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Check out the new Immanuel Student Worship Choir ministry BLOG. Here, you can find more information about SWC, ministry events, and more. After our kickoff on September 7th at 3:30pm, the blog will be updated regularly with pictures, ministry announcements, video, and more. Check back often!

Working It

I am so excited for my friends at Freedom Church in Acworth, GA. JR Lee and Todd Lollis are making it happen, and God is showing favor on them. Freedom Church is less than 8 months old, and already they are praying for 350 people to be in worship 2 weeks from now. They are doing all they can to love on the people of Acworth, to make a difference in the life of their city, and to point people to the Savior.

Join me and the people of Freedom Church as they pray for God to send them 350 people in 2 weeks. If you don't dream God-sized dreams, you won't see God-sized results!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Our Student Worship Choir (grades 9-12) will be kicking off on September 7th at 3:30pm. This will be a huge kickoff party with free food, fun, and a preview of what this year has in store. There's a new name, there is new adult leadership coming on board with us, new music, and many new ministry opportunities ahead. Bring your friends and be there on Sunday, September 7th at 3:30pm. It is going to be awesome!

For those of you who love drama, our Student Drama Team will meet every Sunday from 4:30 - 5:15pm, immediately following worship choir. This team is separate from choir, but these groups will be working together on ministry events, including tour. If you are interested in joining the Student Drama Team, see Lisa Lyons for more information.

Be there on September 7th at 3:30pm for the all new Student Worship Choir!

Monday, August 04, 2008


When it comes to leading worship, the title of this blog says it all. And notice, the "i" is a lower case. It is not about me. It is about Him. We can say that all day long, but until it becomes a common practice, there is no truth in it. It can't be about us some of the time and about Him part of the time. The only reason we stand before His bride is because He has equipped us and allowed us to. It's His show. Make sure you're heart is right before you lead any group.

Our attitude can point people to the Savior, or it can't distract from the Savior. And, people can spot a phony. Be sincere. If you are going to lead others to be worshipers of Christ, you must be one on and off the stage. If you truly live the lifestyle you want others to believe you do, then your people will follow your leadership and true facilitation in worship will take place. This holds true for every person on the platform. From the 9th soprano from the right on the 3rd row of the choir, to the lead worshiper. Every person on that platform is a worship leader.

Live the life you portray on stage. Be real. Be honest. Honor the Lord with a sincere heart of worship, and He will bless your leadership.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I absolutely love Sundays. Yes, it is a long and tiring day. But, I love it. Today, we auditioned for new praise teams. Everyone did a really good job. Much better than that one lady who showed up for rehearsals (at another church I served) with an 8x10 cross-stitched Amazing Grace that she got out of the music library to sing with. We introduced a new song tonight called Psalm 62 by Stuart Townend and Aaron Keyes. It is an amazing modern day hymn. If you haven't heard it, check it out on .

Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Worship Staff Member

I am excited about having our new Associate Media Director on board with us. Larry Wheeler served with me in Tennessee, and now we're together again in California. Larry is amazing with anything in the realm of video and technology. I'm so excited about having his leadership and intellect in this area of our worship ministry. Welcome Larry, Diane, Lauren and Ray! This is gonna be fun.