Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going to 3

On August 16, we will begin a third morning worship service at Immanuel. I'm excited about the fact that we are growing, and now have even more potential for growth. The Immanuel Choir will be singing at both the 8am and 9:15am services. Be a part of the excitement as we grow to 3 services beginning August 16.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jesus and Mickey

Every night, we have the honor, and task, of putting our 3 lovely children to bed. Each night presents a varying degree of difficulty. However, there are usually laughs to be had and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Last night was such a night.

As I was holding our 3 year old, Ella, she began to fuss about going to bed. She said "I don't want to be by myself in my room. I'm scared." My response was "baby, you won't be by yourself. Jesus is watching over you." She immediately said "No, He isn't." "Yes, Ella," I said. "He is." "No, He isn't," she answered. "Jesus went home." " He did? Where is that?" I asked. "Disneyland," she said with a smile. "He lives in Cind-ella's castle."

Monday, July 13, 2009

If you could ask......

Who is your hero? Please don't be the spiritual one and say "Jesus". I know he is our hero. Instead, I'm talking about someone who has impacted you the most in ministry, your current job, in life. Who is that one person that you look to for advice? Who is it that you pattern your career after? Who do you try to emulate when you are making an important decision?

Now that you have that person in mind, if you could sit down in a roundtable discussion with them and ask them any question, what would it be? I'll tell you why I'm asking in a later post.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


If you have not gotten into the phenomenon known as TWITTER, then congratulations. However, as addictive as it can be, it is a great tool and resource. You can follow your heroes and mentors, getting valuable advice from them personally on a regular basis. You can post things about yourself and share ideas with those who follow you. And now, you can even follow your church, getting up the minute ministry announcements, prayer requests, and behind the scenes quirky little details.

You can follow me personally by clicking RIGHT HERE .

You can also follow Immanuel Baptist Church (where I serve as Worship Pastor) by clicking RIGHT HERE .

Don't miss another detail. Sign up for twitter today and start following. See you online!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Baby on Board

Jody had her first appointment with her new doctor last week. With each of our previous children, our insurance has only paid for 1 sonogram. We found out that we are getting three with this one. The first of which was on our very first appointment. So, we had the thrill of seeing our baby at less than 10 weeks.

It was amazing. He/she is already moving his/her little arms and legs (stubs). The heart is beating strong and healthy, and everything seems to be on pace for a January 20ish delivery. So, any predictions? Boy or girl?

Longshot, the Movie

As I've told you before, my dad recently produced and acted in a movie with David Carridine. It is a western about a group of outlaws that are targeting the bank in various towns. One town, in an effort to protect their people and their bank from being hit by these outlaws, comes up with a strategy. They decide to hire a former "longshot" to pick-off the would be assailants with his great shooting ability. David Carridine plays a U.S. Marshall. My dad plays the role of Mr. Tether; a banker who is the key person in securing the "hired hand's" services.

The premiere was a lot of fun. I loved being able to be there to experience it with my family. My nephews, my uncle, my brother and his wife, myself and my parents, all enjoyed it together. It was a night that I don't think my dad will soon forget. The movie will go straight to dvd in the US, and to theaters in a few foreign markets.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Brief Blogging Break

Wow! That was the longest break from blogging I think I have taken in the nearly 3 years of "The Chief End". I actually spent much of that time on a mission trip to Hawaii with our Student Worship Choir. We were blogging and posting videos at another site. So, I wasn't totally away from blogging. You can check out the videos at THIS SITE . You can also purchase a DVD of the Homecoming Concert and Daily Videos by emailing Give us your name,address and phone number. DVDs are $20, and really tell well the story of what God did during our time there. We saw 4 kids pray to receive Christ, and our lives were impacted as well.

Lots to catch up on. So, make sure you check back daily. I will give you some updates about the new little baby we have on the way in the upcoming days. Also, a little news about my dad's movie premiere with the late David Carridine.