Sunday, October 24, 2010

State Convention and FOCM

I am now in Fresno, CA, for the Fellowship of Church Musicians and the California State Baptist Convention this week. I will be on a panel tomorrow with my Pastor, Rob Zinn , discussing Pastor/Worship Pastor ministry relationship, and fielding questions on how to lead a church as a team. Beginning Tuesday, I'll be singing with a worship leading team in the worship services at the State Convention. So, it's a big week for the state, and for me personally. I love hanging out with my Pastor. So the car ride up was nice, and I'm looking forward to our conversations and just learning from him on the ride home later this week.

Somehow, I got a room on the 1st floor, facing the parking lot, on the end of the hall by the front door. I had better not hear a bunch of noise or have car lights shining in my window all night or someone is going to hear about it :-)

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